Pharmite.  Logo for a fictional company.  Vectors, Adobe Illustrator.  Sansaction font, 66 and 20 pt., 50 kerning and blue fill.  

Tendons. Hand drawn font.  100pt.  

Foundry. Logo for fictional company. Vectors, adobe Illustrator, 97pt., 60 kerning, Impact font, grey fill.  

Logo for fictional video game.  Vectors, Adobe Illustrator, sans-serif-font, drop shadow. 

Kafka’s Metamorphosis. Faux movie poster.  Bauhaus93 font, oversized, 75% opacity.  

Fireman.  Photo and red extinguisher from pixabay.com, fireman made with vectors- Adobe Illustrator.


Juice Box.  Original concept art.  Vectors, Adobe Illustrator. 

Coffee Ant logo.  Custom serif font, vectors, Adobe Ilustrator.

Ziggurat. Concept art for a game world. Vectors, Adobe Illustrator.  

Mushroom Trees. Concept art for game world.  Vectors, Adobe Illustrator

Robot.  Pencil and pen, Adobe Illustrator, “cutout” effect. 

Alien.  Mars photo from Pixabay. Alien done with vectors- Adobe Illustrator. 

Donut Drop.  Logo and menu cover for a drone deliver service.  Vectors, Arial font, Adobe Illustrator

Donut Drop.  Page 3 Menu.  Vectors, Arial font, Adobe Illustrator